Just a Reminder: FireEmsWorld will Donate 15% of it’s Proceeds. Please help support the site.

Posted: August 16, 2011 in News and Articles

As a volunteer EMT myself, I understand how devoted we must be to our departments.  We give up time with our families to attend trainings, and answer calls at all hours of the day.  We also risk our lives when answering these calls, and always serve our community with pride.  Over the years, I have made many friends that have gone through hardships.  Whether financial, medical, loss of life – I find it incredible that even under these conditions, they still manage to answer a call when help is needed.

I would like to announce today, that FireEmsWorld will be donating 15% of its proceeds to families of needy volunteers, by making direct donations to department benevolent committees.  We will be holding a drawing every 6 months starting in December.  We will select 3 departments to receive a donation, and ensure these donations are going to needy families from the volunteer community.

If you would like your company to be included in these drawings, please email me at joegalizio@fireemsworld.com.  We will then contact you to obtain all information that will be needed.

How Can you Help?  – that’s simple.  FireEmsWorld generates money simply by our Shop, and affiliates.  Please urge your department members to buy their gear through the FireEmsWorld site.  We are affiliated with all major EMS / Fire suppliers.  All you need to do is click from our site to theirs by using the advertisements on our site.


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