Joke of the Week: You Know you are the Significant Other of someone in EMS or the Fire Department When…

Posted: August 22, 2011 in Joke Of the Week
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You Know you are the Significant Other of someone in EMS or the Fire Department When…

1.You wake up to your alarm clock and shout “will you shut that f!@#$%%  pager off already”

2.Your idea of a massage is having your S.O. practice secondary survey on you.

3.Your idea of foreplay is a priapism sweep or a check for wettness.

4.You have many EMS or fire shirts and never bought one.

5.Your idea of a turn on is wearing their sweaty gear.

6.You have ever been stood up for a call.

7.You see Backdraft and want to imitate the hosebed scene

8.You have ever waited 6 hours while they went on a “quick” call.

9.You are more familiar with their station that your parents home.

10.You can discuss dismemberment at the dinner table without vomiting.

11. You belong to one of the following clubs: Ferno, code 3, Hosebed, Hotride (did I cover them all).

12. You have memorized all their radio codes.

13. You have a scanner and all of their frequencies programmed in.

14.You find yourself suddenly “coverless” as your S.O. does a 360 and falls out of bed, taking all the covers with him when the pager goes off.

15. You bring books to read while you wait at the station for them to get back from the quick call.

16. You take separate vehicles to family gatherings or other events in fear that you may be stranded there

17. You call your S.O. enroute so he can drive with two hands

18. You become an EMT or dispatcher just to get to see him!

19. You put on your wedding program: “Do to the solemn nature of the occasion we ask that you turn off or down all fire and med pagers.”


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