Help us Help the Volunteer Community.

Posted: August 23, 2011 in News and Articles

We here at FireEmsWorld are dedicated to the volunteer community.  As volunteers, we take time from our own family to help other families in their time of need.  FireEmsWorld makes money simply by it’s members and friends (mostly volunteers) purchasing their supplies through our affiliate advertisers on the site.

15% of these proceeds are then donated back to the volunteer fire and ems communities in December and June.  We would like to make a significant impact to those in need.  We ask that you help support other volunteers by educating your department members to purchase their gear through our affiliates at  Whether you are in need of a new scope, tech pants, t-shirts, flashlight, helmet, penlight, boots, ect. – Our affiliates have it covered.  And simply by clicking through our site will cost you no more, but help the volunteer community.

If you would like to have your department, benevolent, cause, or member considered for a donation, please contact me at  Please support the site.  We would like to see if grow by leaps and bounds.  By growing the site, we will be able to grow the impact we make to the volunteer community.


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