A message to Firefighters and EMS – Hurricane Irene’s Arrival

Posted: August 25, 2011 in ems, News and Articles
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     So there we are.  Sitting in front of the TV, flipping between the local news and the weather channel.  Reports coming from each of impending doom by Hurricane Irene.  It has been 20 plus years since we were graced with Gloria’s presence.  As a child during that time I felt assured that my parents would keep me safe, and if something bad happened – the fire trucks and ambulances would always be there no matter what.

    When you’re a kid, you take this for granted.  You’re taught that if you dial 911, help would be on the way no matter what the circumstances.  Ice storm, Hurricane, Tornado – No matter what, help will be on the way.

     I’ve grown up now, and have a family myself.  As I look into my son’s eyes, glazed over with concern – I see myself long ago.  Nervous, but confident that the firemen will be ready to help those in need.  I now know the sacrifices that they each will make.  Many of them volunteers, like myself, will answer calls during this hurricane.  They will be out on firetrucks, and ambulances.  Helping victims of flood, fire, health issues, accidents.  Most of them having left their families to fend for themselves during the storm.

     It amazes me that even with dwindling numbers, there are still enough volunteers to help their communities, especially under such harsh circumstances.  And they won’t even think twice when answering that alarm.  As the next few days progress, we would like to ask all Professional and Volunteer Fire and EMS personnel to keep safe, be smart and take care of yourselves as you take care of your communities.  Please feel free to share any stories you may experience during the storm by posting comments.  May you and your families be well and safe.  Thank You for the sacrifices you make.

Yours in Volunteering,



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