Top 30 reasons you know you’ve been an EMT too Long….. too funny

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Joke Of the Week, News and Articles

Know you have been an EMT too long when…

1.Has multiple pagers for multiple stations.

2.Personal vehicle is a tactical command vehicle (and has more lights than 5 ambulances!).

3.Talks more on the radio than a DJ does.

4.Knows every other station’s tones by heart.

5.Entire wardrobe is station wear or off-duty stuff from the Gall’s catalog.

6.Sleeps with the scanner on all night, every night.

7.Washes the rigs every weekend, but has not washed personal vehicle in years.

8.Parks in the home driveway backwards.

9.Never misses “Rescue 911,” “Cops,” “Trauma Life in the ER,” etc.

10.Has multiple radio antennas on personal vehicle (more than a Russian fishing trawler).

11.Corrects dispatch over the air on how to dispatch units.

12.Has reflective striping on personal vehicle.

13.Responds to a scene after recall.

14.Drives the rig like Mario Andretti.

15.Leaves the pager on open channel all day.

16.Carries a pocket scanner.

17.Subscribes to ALL fire and EMS magazines.

18.“I was there.”

19.Responds to the station during tone tests.

20.Doesn’t drink because they might be dispatched.

21.Has at least five different EMS hats, sweatshirts and/or t-shirts.

22.Has 500 road flares in the trunk.

23.“Star of Life” decals obscure the rear window of personal vehicle.

24.Knows every police officer’s name and thinks they are pals.

25.Wears a “Star of Life” belt buckle.

26.Chases other company’s trucks.

27.Carries a stethoscope on the rear mirror of personal vehicle.

28.Personal jump kit is bigger than the one on the ambulance.

29.Uses a 5-cell Mag light to check pupil response.

30.Owns a window punch & seatbelt knife


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