Get on Fire with the Firefighter Tattoos

Posted: September 28, 2011 in News and Articles
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Get on Fire with the Firefighter Tattoos

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Once a tattoo is pierced into your skin, it is understood that it is going to last for a long time unless it is removed using some extreme steps. Even though they know this, the tattoo lovers still want to decorate their bodies with tattoos to make some memories last a lifetime. At the same time there are any numbers of people who want to make a fashion statement using this art. It is true that one needs to keep up with the times!

While there are a large number of tattoos, firefighter tattoo is a definite hit and is most sought after by the youth. The firefighter tattoo was actually designed to honor the firefighters who are the heroes. In its classic form, it involves drawing the portraits of the firefighters on the body. It calls of specialized tattoo artists who are adept at drawing portraits which is not a child’s play. Only an experienced artist can capture the fine nuances of the tattoos. It pays to find out the artist’s background and experience before one entrusts the job to him.

You will find the most devoted tattoo lovers among the Japanese and Americans. Since the Japanese were mainly using homes build of paper and wood, the firefighters were always busy. And many of them laid down their lives in the line of duty. People started decorating their bodies with the portraits of their heroic friends. Similar feelings are expressed by the Americans who show their pride in their firefighter colleagues. They etch the company numbers and logos on their bodies in the honor of the martyrs. In a similar show of solidarity, many Americans got the red, white and blue tattoos on their bodies after the Sept 11 tragedy. The colors of the national flags also form a part of firefighter tattoo designs. Quite a few friends and relatives of firefighters chose to get the images of WTC building on their skin.

Post a national calamity or a disaster, many people have voluntarily chosen to get their skin tattooed with firefighter tattoos. Sometimes the companies themselves get the tattoos done in order to exemplify their people’s strong will and valor. While time is the natural healer of such tragedies, a tattoo can last for a lifetime. It is true that a temporary firefighter tattoo can be etched on your back or on the armband to mark certain occasions.

A beginner can have many questions in his mind when he wants to get tattooed. Internet is one good source of a large collection of firefighter tattoos. While free samples can be good but the paid varieties are definitely worth because of their quality. Indeed, there are many combinations of art that can make tattoos look very good. Whatever be the reason, to remember a friend or just to have fun, firefighter tattoos are literally on fire!


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