Posted: October 7, 2011 in News and Articles

To Volunteer………..

The decision is hard.

Do I have the time?

Am I willing to lose time with my loved ones to help strangers?

Am I willing to risk my life walking into a stranger’s house, or driving to a scene?

Can I take seeing what I’ll see?

Can I handle a patient dying?

Can I get up at 3AM when I’m needed?

Will I get fulfillment out of it?

There are so many questions one can ask to help talk himself out of volunteering.  Try answering these questions:

What if no one had the time?

What if no one gave up family time?

What if no one risked their life to help people in need?

What if no one could overcome seeing bad to do good?

Would you rather let the patient die, or say you tried to keep them alive?

What if no one got up to answer the call when your family needed help?

If you can’t get fulfillment out of helping others, where else in the world would you find it?

In the spirit of Life….. Thanks to you Volunteers.


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