Video: Paramedics tech a call for a biker with a broken femur…. what are your thoughts on how they handled it?

Posted: January 26, 2012 in News and Articles
  1. Anonymous says:

    Handled it just fine….but i would have given pain relief

  2. W. Moening CCEMT-P says:

    All three need immediate re-education in trauma management. I could not see all the details, but here is what I saw.

    1. Three responders and not a single one assumes c-spine at contact. And when he finally does he can’t figure out how to use the cervical collar, released stabilization multiple time, and never once did a neurological extremity evaluation.
    2. Fracture management not a single person checked for a pulse in the left leg before manipulation, yes the books say in position found but I will agree that would be nearly impossible.

    Traction was never applied prior to the traction device finally being placed. Noticeable expanding hematoma mid femur can be seen post manipulation even at the distance of the film.

    Equipment that is required for the procedure should have been prepared before they ever began.

    When a traction splint was finally applied no anchor point strap was ever applied, heel strap was improperly applied. straps were improperly applied when one was placed directly over the fracture / hematoma. The splint can easily be applied by a brand new first responder in less the two minutes…..why did it take 3 medics almost 6 minutes? Patient’s fracture was grossly manipulated with pain medication or sedation.

    Based on the kinematics of the impact no other regions of the body were assessed and the helmet was discarded without inspection. And any number of other actions that could constitute gross negligence that I did not list due to a child helping me type.

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