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Posted: October 16, 2012 in News and Articles

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Every decision and every interaction leaves an impact. In every moment we leave behind something, whether we are aware of it, or not. Is the legacy you are leaving accidental or is it something you want to be remembered for?

Volunteers The Series is a reality docu-drama TV show concept created to highlight volunteer fire & rescue. Through providing entertaining, gripping and educational content, we want to show the community’s in which they protect, that Volunteers need assistance through donations and membership in order to provide them in return, the highest level of civil defense.

An entertaining, educational unscripted look into the minds of Volunteer Firefighters. The passion, courage & sacrifice to risk everything, witness death, & save people in there darkest hours for no pay. A chaotic tribute to true American spirit & the most dangerous job in the world, dating back to its inception in 1736 by founder Benjamin Franklin.

There are an estimated 1.2 million firefighters in the United States. Of these, 28% are career firefighters and 72% are volunteer. Volunteers contribute a monetary value of donated time that equals $129.7 billion annually to the community tax rate.

Our goal is to educate and create awareness on a local community, national and international level, about Volunteer Firefighters & EMS (Emergency Medical Technician) stations, by converting the Volunteers The Series concept into a national TV show.

Created by volunteer firefighters, committed to increase national public awareness and donations by telling the stories of our personal sacrifice to serve our communities.

Volunteers The Series is unique in many ways. We are breaching the traditional “walls” in the fire service by highlighting the diverse individuals in the service, and giving you a glimpse into there minds, as they deal with witnessing death and injury, and how it effects them psychologically. We are showing you the family life, and the sacrifice volunteers make for the service. These selfless and brave people leave there family’s at the dinner table when the call goes out, miss vacations, holidays, graduations and birthdays so that they can help someone in the darkest moments of there lives.

The formal training required to be certified at the minimum level requires over 300 hours (of time away from family) and is incredibly physically and mentally challenging. This does not include duty shifts, public service events, public education events and continuing education to remain certified.

We use helmet cameras for a first person perspective, so we can show people an up close and personal view of the action. We have an on-scene expert who narrates the scene live, as its unfolding, providing a dynamic, enthusiastic and educational dimension to the show. If we receive funding to continue the show, we will also include high speed cameras to slow down the action and provide a level of education that is highly entertaining and compelling.

Many volunteer stations are underfunded, have old/antiquated gear, insufficient facilities, broken down fire apparatus and insufficient training props. However this will not stop them from responding to save there community when the call goes out.

We want to eliminate this as a problem by creating higher levels of awareness throughout the communities protected by volunteer firefighters (and throughout the world), in the hopes that more donations and increased membership will provide them with appropriate staffing, gear, apparatus, facilities and the training. We know that by educating the community about who these people are and why they are so driven, selfless and courageous, that the result will inevitably an increase in support.

More importantly, better training, gear, apparatus and facilities will indirectly effect the number of volunteer firefighters who are injured or die in the line of duty every year. An estimated 81,070 firefighter injuries occur annually in the United States. Approximately 100 Firefighters die every year in the line of duty. In 2010 87 died in the line of duty, 56 of whom were volunteers. Already this year (2012) we have lost 34 of our brothers and sisters.

Ride shotgun as we take you “on scene”, responding to the unknown chaos that is the firefighting profession. Witness the dedication and passion as normal people become extraordinary heroes. Meet personable adrenaline junkies, who will make the ultimate sacrifice to save someone they have never met, with out hesitation.

Official Website for Volunteer The Series

Thanks to my good friend Sean Wright @ Ricky Rescue Productions for naming the video. ~Dedicated to Jim “Guts” Gutierrez – May your soul rest in peace brave warrior. PVFC & PVRS will miss you dearly.


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