New Children’s book about to be released to help educate kids not to hide from firefighters or be scared of EMT’s. Please support this effort to educate our children!!

Posted: October 24, 2012 in News and Articles

As a firefighter or EMT, I’m sure you have witnessed many times where a child hides, or avoids contact with emergency personnel on scene.  Whether it is a child hiding in a closet during a fire, or fighting an EMT as they try to assess for injuries it can be very trying and even life threatening.

I remember as a child, one of the coolest days in school.  When the fire department comes to visit.  I always looked forward to that day every year.  We got to speak to the firefighters, and check out the trucks.  They always gave us cool stuff, and most importantly, we learned a lot.

As a Dad now, I’ve come to realize that my kids only experienced this once.  Not every year like I did.  And in speaking to other parents throughout the country, I learned that some kids don’t even get it once throughout their elementary years.  My question is if kids are not able to meet firefighters and emt’s, then how will they ever know what to expect when they actually need one?

About 6 months ago, I read a story of a little boy in Europe that hid from firefighters and died in his closet buried under his clothes.  Firefighters searched frantically for the child, before they were called out of the burning building as it lost it’s structural integrity.  The little boy perished while his parents watched their home burn, knowing he was in there.  His body was later recovered in his closet hiding under his clothes.

The story made me think about how this can be prevented.  Obviously the best answer is education.  So how do we educate children about firefighters and EMT’s if we don’t have the budget to get them to visit schools?  This book is the answer.  If we can get children to read this at home, in school or the library it has the potential to save lives.  “Don’t be Afraid” is a book with colorful illustrations and stories to help children understand the firefighter’s and EMT’s tools, and what to expect during these trying times.

The book is set to release in early November.  You will be able to order the book here on the FireEMSWorld site, on the  FireEMSWorld facebook page, or on the Don’t Be afraid facebook page.  Please see the links below as well as 2 of the drawings that will be included in this 33 page book.  And please….. pass this on to any teachers, librarians, firefighters, EMT’s, parents so that they can know about it.  As always feel free to ask questions by commenting on this post, or emailing me at




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